Oh Hi! I'm Julie, an Interdisciplinary Designer & Artist In Vancouver, BC.


About Me

I’m Julie. I like to make nice things.


I’m a Vancouver-based UX & Product Designer, Sound Artist and Musician dedicated to exploring the relationships of interaction, adversity and design aesthetic. I believe in human design thinking and know that there are many ways to reach one solution.

In a former career life, I was all-things-hairdresser, which gave me a solid foundation of customer empathy and understanding of their pain-points as well as a great opportunity to sharpen my design eye. Working as an international educator in that sector gave me the experience to gain valuable insights into other cultures and stoked my drive for creating more diverse and inclusive spaces – both IRL and digitally.

Let’s connect and talk about UX Design as the contemporary Choose-Your-Own-Adventure tale! The Cave of Time, anyone?

I’m also a good stand-in for your next trivia night, but only if the topics include the trope of Class Politics in early zombie apocalypse films, ghost stories of Vancouver or John Carpenter soundtracks.


  • Research
  • Accessibility
  • Wireframing
  • User Testing
  • Horror Movie Soundtracks


“In such ugly  times, the only true protest is beauty.” – Phil Ochs


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