Project: STREMR – A Case Study

STREMR is an app that searches all of your media streaming services to find exactly what you want. One search, one stream!

◊ Problem Space 

The popularity of Media Streaming Services has never been more prevalent than it is currently.

How Might We help Users find what they want to watch or listen to quickly and easily?

◊ Outcome

I prototyped a solution that allows the User to connect their streaming accounts to the app, STREMR, for quick access to the search capabilities across all their platforms. This allowed my small testing group to easily find their desired media efficiently.

Role: UX Researcher, UI Designer & Product Designer

Tools: Figma






Preliminary research showed limited solutions to allow Users to search widely across all of their streaming subscriptions.

The market showed options available on websites only, not a mobile app, and has very limited availability outside of the US. Users like the idea of being able to search in one place for their desired media.



I am forever-fascinated by the different paths users take to get the targeted results.

From my lo-fi wireframing to my hi-fidelity prototype I made small changes based on my User-Testing Findings.

This included adding Radio Buttons for clarity of actions and the addition of clearly-defined buttons showing what streaming subscription the User has already.



This was a personal project for me, one that I selfishly love to see in the marketplace. I also witnessed the increasing use of media streaming apps among users, and even discovered a few that I wasn’t aware of.

Foreseeable obstacles in the development of this app would include privacy and access to information and accounts. I believe a digital solution like STREMR would find a footing in the marketplace, despite having some logistical challenges that would keep a dev team on top of their game.

First Mock-Up

First Marketing Design Iteration