The brainchild of West Coast transplant Julie Matson, Echo Beach creates a soundscape of layered synthesis with atmospheric drones and electronic melodies that encourage a dreamy haze. Analogue synths and effects pedals, coupled with poetic arrangements, meld different worlds of music into a definitive style, carrying the listener on a journey to their inner-most sanctuary.

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Echo Beach vs IMMERSED

Listen to Echo Beach’s set at Immersed:Montreal. “Études: Refraction” is a set recorded by Montreal’s Echo Beach. Featuring transformed field recordings, “Refraction” take the listener on a journey through the mediums. This set was created for, and experienced as, a part of the Chill Zone Open Listening Sessions at Montreal’s Immerse(d) event held @ the Phi Centre on October 20 2018.

Immerse(d) is an event series bringing together artists, scientists, practitioners and technologists to explore how deep immersive music and sound can optimally impact us, individually and collectively.

Born out of the Health & Bass network, immerse(d) is presented by StudioFeed (the non-profit arm of SUBPAC). Partners are a network of dedicated creators committed to exploring the connection between sound and humanity.

Sound is energy, Music is universal, Bass is foundational.


Read an interview done by the Toronto music series Wavelength!

Echo Beach live on CJSW Calgary on Youtube (360 video)

Scroll around this video for a little peek of what a live EB show might be like, in black and white glasses!

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Echo Beach on Redbull Radio October 2016

Listen to Echo Beach’s live set for “Drone Activity in Progress,” part of RBMA MTL 2016