An extension for HR SaaS & websites to increase access to employment for people with disabilities

the Self-Identity form


The Covid-19 pandemic helped to demonstrate the possibility of remote work as something that can be more commonplace. This is a great win for accessibility. I foresee “I.Dly” as a way to continue the dialogue around Inclusivity, Equity and Diversity. It will provide pathways to employment for folks who previously have been discouraged by the job-seeking process and allow them to apply for work with pride in who they are.


The voluntary disclosure form has space for applicants to explain any gaps in employment easily and in a way that aligns with their identity. It also allows applicants to highlight any special qualities their identity or disability can bring to the job. A few examples of these may be a heightened sense of empathy, the ability to observe patterns or a comprehensive understanding of empathy.


“I.Dly” is a browser extension for commonly used HR SaaS and employment websites that allows the applicants to self-identify any disabilities or other representations, helping to normalize different identities and provides a sense of empowerment. The applicant would fill out a form stating their identities which would then be attached to the application. During submission, the extension alerts and signifies to ATS trackers et al that this application has specific voluntary identity disclosures and would automatically be forwarded and highlighted to hiring managers or Lead DEI officers. This ensures that the “I.Dly” applications wouldn’t be lost in a “one size fits all” application process.


By using “I.Dly,” users can direct the narrative of their identities by giving them the control to choose what they want potential employers to know about them and how this disclosure will shape their work environment. There is built-in accessibility features that allows the user to magnify, read, and translate text. There is also a tool that scans the job description that can be used to highlight text to quickly find the definition of the words if needed.

The employer’s version is accompanied with an in-depth glossary of identities and disabilities to help educate and provide a full-faceted look at how all bodies can compliment their businesses. When companies receive job applications with the “I.Dly” extension the submission will be highlighted to alert hiring managers of the voluntary disclosure, ensuring it receives attention and fair consideration. Companies that partner with “I.Dly” are not only fulfilling their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies but they are setting the stage for others by showcasing their forward-thinking priorities. It would also strengthen the optics of their DEI policies that are in place, allowing others to perceive the potential workplace culture of the company, ultimately boosting the profile of the company as a desirable place to work.

Mo Meyers – Proto-Persona

A closer look at the form prototype